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I am one of those males that really hates shopping. Trudi completly turned around my perspective on clothing. Now when I go to look at the shops with my wife, we both enjoy looking for clothing that truly suits us. When I went back to work and wore one the outfits Trudi helped me select, I got so many positive…

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Hi Trudi, Thank you so much for yesterday. I am still on a high!!! I was so excited last night that I spent about an hour recreating combinations in my wardrobe and then taking lots of photos. I can’t believe how many different combos I came up with and I feel like I have only just scraped the surface because…

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It’s much more fun having someone else to go shopping with to help choose styles, fabrics, etc, and saves making expensive mistakes. Having an honest second opinion gave me much more confidence in my purchases. I tried on far more things than I normally would, and didn’t get discouraged (as is often the case) when something wasn’t right for me.…

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Trudi does a wonderful job and makes it lots of fun. It has definitely helped my confidence and I feel happier going out wearing the right colours. I loved both the shopping and Trudi sorting out my wardrobe. She made it fun and easy to throw away what I thought were my treasures and yet ended up being the wrong…

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Trudi was a lovely person to have in my home and made the whole experience non-threatening and pleasant. She wasn’t critical or judgmental at all, but very encouraging and supportive. I have really increased the range of colours in my wardrobe, and thrown out a lot of clothes which I never wore, but which cluttered up my wardrobe.

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A styling session with Trudi is the best. You get to select some fabulous clothes that make you feel amazing. And she checks the prices like she is spending her own money! Really it is like an awesome life coaching session with shopping thrown in. I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to help my daughter choose a…

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I found Trudi’s service very comprehensive. The initial consultation was a great chance to reflect on what my wardrobe consisted of, did not have and how to improve it. Trudi’s advice on colours that best suited me was invaluable as I really had no idea! When shopping, Trudi listened to what I wanted and had some great suggestions. Her relaxed…

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I found the wardrobe consultation particularly useful. Trudi was bright, energetic and straightforward. She was clear about why she did or didn’t think something was worth keeping and also helped with putting together new looks from existing clothes. I liked her pragmatic approach and the fact that she took budget and emotional attachments to clothes into account. Having a list…

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Prior to my consultation I had fallen into a rut where all the clothes I bought were black, grey or white, as these seemed like safe choices. Now my wardrobe actually has colour in it! I never wore skirts prior to my consultation with Trudi as I didn’t think they suited me. Now I know that I just have to…

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Trudi gives a wonderful service. The biggest benefit to me was how it has given me new ways to use my existing wardrobe and the confidence to do it. It has also changed the way I look at matching colours, in particular the use of black.

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