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Our most popular package by far is the 2-hour Colour, Style & Wardrobe session. The consultant comes out to your house, and begins by teaching you what colours best suit the undertone of your skin – using the colour draping method – and what clothing cuts and styles suit your body shape. Together you then take this knowledge and check out what matches in your current wardrobe. We discuss what your lifestyle looks like so we know what types and styles of clothing you need, and where the gaps are.

After receiving a four-page summary outlining everything talked about during this session, 90% of people then book a 2-hour shopping session. This can be at mainstream malls, NZ designer stores or pre-loved clothing outlets. Shopping is where everything comes together, as we use all the theory you learnt in the first session, to experiment with new styles and colours. There isn’t ever any pressure to purchase, so it’s completely up to you as to whether you pick a up a few pieces previously identified as gaps in your wardrobe.

Our main aim is to increase your confidence in what you already have and to make sure going forward you make wise shopping decisions based on your colours, body, budget and lifestyle. Once you understand our mantra of COLOUR, SHAPE, FIT, shopping and styling becomes much easier.

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It will be great to now have confidence to buy and wear clothes that aren’t black. I’ve only just gone shopping with Sarah so I hope that when I next go shopping, I’ll be able to walk into a shop and not be completely disorientated about what I should be looking at. To sum it all up, it was a really good experience for me and money very well spent.



Sarah has a great eye for spotting what would suit you as soon as you cross the shop’s door. It saved a lot of time having someone else choose and bring to the changing room suitable items to try on. I feel brave enough to walk into shops that I would have scurried past before. Being confident to browse the clothes and quickly dismiss what will not suit because of colour and style


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Sarah was great. Being a mum herself, she helped me find the perfect clothes. Especially for those ‘tidy Mummy days’. The shopping trip was terrific, but quite exhausting. I could never have achieved what we did in 2.5 hours. It was great to turn up to kindy the other day when one of the other mothers said that I was looking styley! I must now be doing something right. I realised I had been wearing clothes that were too big for me and getting rid of all those clothes that you keep because ‘one day you might wear it again’. I now have greater colour variety in my wardrobe. I think you tend to stick to a few colours you like so this experience was great in that it challenged you to step out of your comfort zone (or what you were use to).


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