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It will be great to now have confidence to buy and wear clothes that aren’t black. I’ve only just gone shopping with Sarah so I hope that when I next go shopping, I’ll be able to walk into a shop and not be completely disorientated about what I should be looking at. To sum it all up, it was a…

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Sarah has a great eye for spotting what would suit you as soon as you cross the shop’s door. It saved a lot of time having someone else choose and bring to the changing room suitable items to try on. I feel brave enough to walk into shops that I would have scurried past before. Being confident to browse the…

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Sarah was great. Being a mum herself, she helped me find the perfect clothes. Especially for those ‘tidy Mummy days’. The shopping trip was terrific, but quite exhausting. I could never have achieved what we did in 2.5 hours. It was great to turn up to kindy the other day when one of the other mothers said that I was…

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I found I was sticking to blacks and browns and was reluctant to wear anything that was patterned or of a brighter colour. I found Sarah’s advice excellent. She showed me, by using the colour swatches, what suited me, and then, when looking at my wardrobe, what suited and why, plus what didn’t, and why. She also introduced me to…

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Sarah is a super woman who did her job extremely well. I had been feeling frumpy, so wanted to know why. Firstly finding out about what colours suited me was great. Second the length of garments and shape of the neckline. It was great fun with many surprises. The pile of clothes that went out was fantastic, as I had…

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Sarah was fun, knowledgeable and confident. I felt that she made good clear decisions quickly. My plane was late and so we were a bit rushed for time which got the adrenalin going. I appreciated that Sarah took it all in her stride. I also felt that she tuned in to what I was looking for and took into account…

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