Trudi at Wardrobe Flair is amazing! She has a down to earth, professional and practical approach to something that is exciting, but also a little daunting! As a stay at home Mum, I was wedded to jeans and tees, and initially quite worried about the wardrobe makeover and very very wary of anything froufrou or frilly!! But having seen many of her clients transformed and looking modern, age appropriate, interesting, colourful and stylish, I eventually made the call. Trudi clearly explains what colours and styles work best for your colouring, body shape AND lifestyle…. and she does it all with a healthy dose of humour. I now feel so much more put together, more polished and love the positive feedback since having it done. AND… while I now feel I have more options available to me, I can still wear jeans… just ones that are much more flattering to my shape!

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