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Wardrobe ReVamp

Don't let the stress of getting dressed in the morning be the beginning of your day

Do you look in your wardrobe and see nothing to wear? Do you struggle with putting clothing combinations together? Do you often wear 'that' skirt/trousers with 'that' top over and over again?

Wardrobe Flair's Wardrobe ReVamp package allows you to clearly see what needs to go, what needs to stay, how it can be combined to make multiple outfits, while being laid out to save you time and make mixing and matching easy.

Let our experienced personal stylists guide you from a cluttered, incohesive and scary set up, to an easy, visually pleasing and workable wardrobe.

This session lasts for 1.5 hours and during that time you will feel great relief that you have solved an early morning ongoing problem.

Cost:  Wellington $215 for 1.5 hours - Auckland $279 for 1.5 hrs

Additional Travel Costs - The above price covers all travel expenses up to Porirua and Lower Hutt city centre. Additional travel past this point is dependent on your location. Please contact us to find out more. Any hourly parking costs  shall be covered by the client. Costs include travel with 20km of the Auckland Consultants North Shore location. Distance after this will be charged at $1 per km.

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