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Colour, Style and Wardrobe Sessions

Learn the colours, shapes and styles that suit you

At Wardrobe Flair Wellington and Auckland we have been in business since 2005 and are here to help you develop a wardrobe that suits your body, budget and lifestyle. Why are we different other than our many years of experience? Many consultants around NZ charge individual prices for doing your colours, assessing your shape and revamping your wardrobe. Some even charge extra for a colour card. Here at Wardrobe Flair, we do it all in one package and for one very reasonable price.

Price and summary of services

This comprehensive Colour, Style and Wardrobe Consultation costs Wellington $259 - Auckland $335 for up to 2 hours at your home and includes:

  • Personal colours
  • Shape analysis - what shapes, styles and lengths of clothes suit YOUR body shape
  • A handy-sized Colour Card to help you with future shopping
  • A wardrobe audit - helping you understand why certain pieces work and others don't.
  • Wardrobe arrangement, colour coding and optimum use of your storage to help with oufit co-ordination.
  • A 4-page personalised summary of everything discussed 
  • A shopping list of pieces you require to make your wardrobe work for all aspects of your life with optimum mix and match ease.
  • Help with Outfit co-ordination
  • Advice on shoes and accessories - we can show you the right size, length and shape of accessories that will suit you
  • GST inclusive
  • Travel costs within the immediate Wellington City Region/ Auckland within a 20km radius of the consultants location

 The process

First we do a colour analysis using a draping method. Then we discuss what shapes, lengths and style of clothing best suits your body shape, which isn't as scary as it sounds. Wardrobe Flair prides itself on a logical approach to solving colour and body shape dressing dilemmas.

Once we are both clear on your colour, shape and style information we assess your clothing and discuss why it does, or does not suit you or your lifestyle. This process is something we do together and involves a checklist of questions, including does it fit properly, is it the right colour for your skin tone, does the style suit you?

By doing this, we hope to cover the main aims of the consultation, which are:

  • Helping you identify and establish a wardrobe of classic pieces to easily mix and match
  • Solving all clothing problems by identifying why you did or didn't wear each piece.
  • Colour coding your wardrobe to highlight ‘over-used’ colours and suitable colours you lack.
  • Eliminating clothes that have not been worn in years, are too small/big or dated beyond a comeback!
  • Showing you how to wear modern accessories to give your outfit a lift.
  • Make a list of recommended purchases of essential classics or an extension of your colour range. You will be amazed with what you already have hidden away in your wardrobe. It can be as easy as finding combinations you hadn’t thought of or making alterations to existing clothes to bring them up to date.


The ideal next step

The personal shopping option compliments the wardrobe session by giving you practical ways of using all the information you have received and SHOWING you a visual confirmation.

We can tell you what colours and shapes best suit you, but unless you have them in your wardrobe, we can’t show you. Going to the shops gives us a wonderful chance to experiment with a range of colours and styles to find the perfect match.

The personal shopping session is not about spending a lot of money on clothes. Whether you buy the clothes or not, this consultation allows us to show you exactly what is right for you. 

Wardrobe budgets can range from as little as $50 and we have many shopping options available. From mainstream shopping to quality second-hand buying. We know which clothing shops are appropriate for both your shape and your budget. Our aim is to try and broaden your clothing range and your horizons. It can mean trying on clothes you would never have chosen yourself in a range of colours and styles you may not have picked.

We are here to help you out of that clothing or style ‘rut’ and to show you how to shop more efficiently. This means TIME and MONEY savings. It stops the dreaded impulse buy. 

The wardrobe session must be done before we shop, unless you have already had the wardrobe consult and are wanting a refresher or seasonal shop. Seasonal shopping is very popular. If - like many or our male clients - you like to shop twice a year, a couple our hours with one of our consultants means you are all set for the next 6 months with clothes that SUIT you and your existing wardrobe.

The shopping consultation fee is Wellington $115 + travel costs if applicable (GST inclusive) per hour - Auckland $140 + travel costs if applicable (GST inclusive) per hour.

We have offices in both Auckland and Wellington, but many clients fly from all around NZ to gain advice from Wardrobe Flair. All they need is a fully-packed suitcase! Contact trudi@wardrobeflair.com to arrange some times before booking your flights.

Additional Travel Costs - Consultations past the outskirts of the city (Ngaio onwards) will inccur the standard IRD travel rate of .77pkm. You always have an option to bring your wardrobe in via a suitcase to a friend's house either the Wellington or Auckland region. Additonal travel costs within Auckland are inccured 20km from the Auckland Consultants North Shore location. Distance after this will be charged at the standard IRD rate of .77pkm


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