Shopping Spree - 2.5 hours in Wellington City #437



This is aimed at those who have previously had their colours done by Wardrobe Flair. Either with a one on one consultation or at a Colour and Shape party.

We can tell you what colours and shapes best suit you, but unless you have them in your wardrobe, we can’t show you. Going to the shops gives us a wonderful chance to experiment with a range of colours and styles to find the perfect match.

The shopping session is not about spending a lot of money on clothes. Whether you buy the clothes or not, this consultation allows us to show you exactly what is right for you. 

Wardrobe budgets can range from as little as $50 and we have many shopping options available. From mainstream shopping to quality second-hand buying. We know which clothing shops are appropriate for both your shape and your budget. Our aim is to try and broaden your clothing range and your horizons. It can mean trying on clothes you would never have chosen yourself in a range of colours and styles you may not have picked.

We are here to help you out of that clothing or style ‘rut’ and to show you how to shop more efficiently. This means TIME and MONEY savings. It stops the dreaded impulse buy. 


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