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Prices for Personal Styling services

A wardrobe consultation is the cost of a few items of clothing that you bought, and never wore

Why are we different from other personal stylists in Wellington and Auckland other than our many years of experience? Many consultants around NZ charge individual prices for doing your colours, assessing your shape and revamping your wardrobe. Some even charge extra for a colour card. Here at Wardrobe Flair, if you want a comprehensive personal styling session, we do it all in one package and for one very reasonable price.

Colour, Style and Wardrobe Consultation - WGTN $259 for up to 2 hours - AKLD $335 for up to 2 hours*

This price includes your personal colours, a colour card, a shape analysis and with the remaining time doing a wardrobe audit and arrangment of your clothing, shoes and accessories. Many consultants charge these services individually, but with this fantastic package you get it all. After your session you receive a comprehensive consultation summary of everything discussed which includes a helpful shopping list of pieces needed to make your wardrobe work for you. If extra time is needed the hourly rate is $115 per hour (Wgtn) or $130 (Akld) thereafter & is charged in 15 minute slots so you only pay for how much you extra time you need.

Shopping Consultation - WGTN $115 per hour - AKLD $140 per hour

Any budget is catered for and you have the choice of either mainstream, designer or second-hand shopping options. Seasonal, special occasion and one-off refresher shops are popular and available.

Colour Express - WGTN $170 for a 45 minute Colour and Shape session- AKLD $199*

Are you looking for a highly professional but time efficient personal colour and shape styling session that you can fit into your lunchtime? Wardrobe Flair announces it's newest product Colour Express. If you don't fancy a whole wardrobe overhaul or getting friends together for a party, but you do want to know what colours suit you and what shapes are best for your body - this is perfect for you. If inner city parking is required, this cost is covered by the client. As this is a short and concise timeframe, any travel past the outter city centre (Ngaio onwards) will incur a travel fee. Please advise us of your location upon booking.

Colour & Shape Parties - WGTN $85 per person  - A minimum of 4 people required (extras may be added ) - AKLD $115 A minimum of 4 people required (extras may be added )

Each person gets their colour and shape analysis done. A great, fun way of gaining information that will help you with all future clothes buying. The option of buying funky, fun and reasonabily priced jewellery is always available at parties. Depending on your location a travel fee may be incurred.

Wardrobe ReVamp - WGTN $215 - for a 1.5 hour session - AKLD $279 for a 1.5 hour session*

Let our experienced personal stylists guide youi from a cluttered, incohensive and scary set-up, to an easy, visually pleasing and workable mix and match wardrobe.

Workshops - Prices vary according to the size and nature of your presentation. Please see the workshop page for a guideline.

Top-up time - WGTN ONLY $149 - 1 hour. After doing a wardrobe session, shop and potentially some seasonal shops, there comes a time when you have built up your wardrobe and need some extra help with mixing and matching, layering and accessories. This is the perfect option for you. We have handy hints on how to store all the combinations we find for you and client's find this session gives them a 'new lease of life' on their existing wardrobe.

Travel & Parking - If you live withing the immediate Wellington city region the travel fees are inclusive in the Colour, Style and Wardrobe Consultation & Colour & Shape Parties. Consultations past the outskirts of the city (Ngaio onwards) will inccur the standard IRD travel rate of .77pkm. Due to the short nature of the Colour Express and Top Up sessions, a small travel charge may be incurred.  Any parking fee's incurred by the consultant in the city centre are to be covered by the client - we always try to apply any early-bird rates when we can. Costs for Auckland include travel within 20km of the Auckland Consultants North Shore location. Distance after this will be charged at $.77 per km.

We are based in both Auckland and Wellington, but many clients fly from all around NZ to gain Wardrobe Flair advice. All they need is a place to stay in Wellington or Auckland and a fully-packed suitcase! Contact trudi@wardrobeflair.com to arrange some times before booking your flights.

* Evening & Weekend after-hours consultations in Auckland may incur a surcharge.

Additional Colour Cards - $10 + postage

All prices include GST.

Seven days is required for any appointment cancellations or a charge of $160 may be incurred.

Vouchers are non-refundable but may be transferred at Wardrobe Flairs discretion.

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