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Blogging begins!

It was inevitable! A former journalist who loves to talk about clothes, fashion, and things she sees. I'm surprised it has taken me this long :-) www.wardrobeflair.blogspot.com is now up and running and I am trying to refrain from posting 50x per day! I really hope people will enjoy this blog, which is going to be kept light-hearted, but hopefully interesting. I want to include fashion pieces I like and don't like and various other handy hints that will help people. Looking forward to keeping you all updated on a more regular basis. http://www.wardrobeflair.blogspot.com/


Added by Trudi on 02/10/2009

What a girl wants

What a girl wants? Why she wants to look and feel great! Wardrobe Flair is involved in this great fundraiser for the Ngaio Khandallah Community Creche happening on Saturday 12th September at Khandallah Presbyterian Church Hall. Starting at 6.30 and running till 9.30, this will be a great night. Both Justine and Trudi will be on the stand and we look forward to seeing new and our loyal existing clients :-)

Added by Trudi on 11/09/2009

New website launched

How very exciting this is. WardrobeFlair.com has undergone a revamped new website which will offer clients the opportunity of buying all those lovely baubles our clients love!

Our existing clients have been waiting patiently for the option of topping up their accessories and now everyone in New Zealand can take advantage of these fantastically priced, fun and funky pieces.

Please make sure you spread the news about this wonderful opportunity for updating your look, or buying accessories for family and friends for either birthdays or the ever-looming Christmas.

Justine is fully stocked and eager to show our range to anyone who wants that more personal looksee and catchup with friends. Give Trudi a call or drop us an email to book a party before Xmas now!

We look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Regards and stay colourful!

Trudi x 

Added by Trudi on 27/07/2009

Latest newsletter updates

Did you know that as a valued client of Wardrobe Flair you are entitled to join up to our free newsletter?

This is sent out - withholding all client email addresses of course - and is specifically designed for your very own palette. Every quarter Trudi and Sarah check out the latest fashions, colours and great shaped pieces in the mainstream shops. We tell you what to look for and which stores have particularly good pieces that you need to go and try.

This is a really helpful and informative service that allows you to continue your relationship with us. We love to keep helping our clients stay colourful and confident through all the seasons.

If you haven't signed up already, then drop Trudi an email and let her know your palette and she will happily add you to the list.

Added by Trudi on 27/07/2009

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