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Radio NZ & Wardrobe Flair

Wardrobe Flair is about to kick-start the year with a stint on Radio NZ's consumer programme 'This way up' presented by Simon Morton.  The segment about Wardrobe Flair will air on Saturday 30th January between 12-2pm on FM 101.3 or 104.5. The programme will also be available as a podcast on http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/thiswayup.


We are really excited about 2010 and have lots of exciting news and business opportunities coming up and stay tuned and stay colourful!


Added by Trudi on 28/01/2010

Merry Christmas from Wardrobe Flair

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful, loyal clients.

It has been a fantastic year for Wardrobe Flair. We have met and helped hundreds of men and women, and enjoyed every single moment of it.

Thank you all for your continued support and referrals. They keep flooding in which is just wonderful.

Sarah, Justine and I would like to wish our all fabulous clients a happy hoilday.

Stay safe and as always - COLOURFUL!

Last chance to get those Xmas gift vouchers to that special someone. The pefect gift that keeps on giving.

Warm Christmas regards

The Wardrobe Flair Team :-)

Added by Trudi on 23/12/2009

Trudi's blog is making waves

Thank you so much to all my lovely clients who have been sending me such wonderful feedback about my blog! Its a pleasure to write and I have you all in mind when I post!

Here is just a taste of some feedback recieved so far from http://www.wardrobeflair.blogspot.com/


am loving the website and blog - Anne

Your new website & blog is amazing - i hope you are getting lotsa good positive feedback! - Tania


It is a wonderful way of getting across to a wider group. Perhaps I should set up a fan club for you! - Kris


Thank you for the newsletter - I have printed off to read on the bus going home.  I love your blog, too. Ann


I keep posting and as well as adding to the website http://www.wardrobeflair.com with new jewellery which is flooding in ALL THE TIME! Stay tuned for more exciting news!


Stay colourful!


Added by Trudi on 02/12/2009

Queensgate a huge hit!

Sarah and I had a great experience out at Queensgate in our 'Style Pod'. A very busy but hugely successful 4 days of meeting and helping tons of great people. Thanks to the wonderful retailers at Queensgate who are always so supportive of Wardrobe Flair.

Added by Trudi on 29/10/2009

Queensgate here we come!

This week Sarah and I are doing some exciting work with Queensgate! As part of their Spring/Summer find your look campaign, Sarah and I will be the stylists in a 'fashion hub' located on the ground floor. People will come to the hub to get a quick assessment of what shape they are and we will sugget clothes we have selected from around Queensgate that will look great on them. So tell your friends!  Stay colourful!

Added by Trudi on 14/10/2009

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