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Top Up option a huge hit

Wow, I thought this might be a great option, but Sarah and I have been unindated by clients wanting this great option! HOORAY.

This really suits any previous client who can answer yes to any of the following questions:

1. You may  have enough clothes but feel you are not doing justice to 'cominations' within your wardrobe. Or are justing wearing the same combos.

2. You have a good base of colour but are lacking in some other colour groups and feel a bit 'brown' or 'grey'.

3. You want to progress to the next level of using interesting colours, maybe even without a base colour!

4. You want more advice on accessorising.

5. You need another clear-out and to know where you might have 'lost your way' or made any mistakes.

Sarah and I are loving these sessions!! drop us a line if you want to book a time.

trudi@wardrobeflair.com or via the website


Added by Trudi on 08/07/2010

Wardrobe Flair team up with Queensgate

Wardrobe Flair is very excited to once again be working with Queensgate next week as fashion consultants in their Fashion Hub. 
Sarah and I get to talk to squillions of people over Thurs, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
A little advice goes a long way we say!!


Added by Trudi on 11/05/2010

Tickets now on sale for WHAT TO WEAR WITH WARDROBE FLAIR

As of last Friday, tickets went on sale for Karori Normal Schools WHAT TO WEAR WITH WARDROBE FLAIR event. I am SOOOO excited! Please come and help us support our school, enjoy a before and after runway show with a difference!

REAL women, with real body shapes wearing REAL clothing. A glass of wine, some handy tips you can mark on your very own card, a goodie bag and lots of laughter and fun for only $25. Tickets are available at the School Office. But numbers are limited SO GET IN QUICK. It will be fun, informative and a great evening. I look forward to seeing you there.



Added by Trudi on 27/04/2010

Wardrobe Flair now on Facebook

How exciting! Wardrobe Flair is now on facebook so that all our lovely clients can keep in touch, hear even more news about what we are up to and become fans!



Added by Trudi on 24/04/2010



After seeing a wardrobe flair consultant and getting to grips with what colours suit you, what shape you are and what clothes suit that shape plus how to accessories to finish it all off, there comes a time when the wardrobe is back to being full again.

Clients have said they are feeling great, and looking great. They have a wardrobe full of good basics and some interesting pieces. HOWEVER, they feel that they need a bit more help or clarification on a few of the 'rules' and also want to expand their outfit co-ordination.

We pride ourselves in being great at putting together fantastic combinations with your existing clothes, so Top-up-Trudi was born! An hour of Trudi's time where she can have another look at the wardrobe, check out your new pieces, put together some combinations that you may not have thought of and show you the best way to utilise what you have.

This is providing a really popular option and many are choosing to do a Top-up-Trudi combined with a winter shop. Therefore getting the very best of what they have, what they need and adding a few extra pieces.

Call or email trudi on trudi@wardrobeflair.com - 977 1247 to book your session and get ready for winter. Brrrrrrrrr....... its getting cold.

Added by Trudi on 14/04/2010

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