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Trudi Bennett speaks out

Trudi Bennett has loved meeting new and exciting people this year and helping them to find the right colour & styles to suit their body, budget and lifestyle.

She has really enjoyed all the speaking engagements from Corporate clients like Air New Zealand, Westfield Queensgate, Kensington Swan to full before and after fashion shows and workshops with local womens groups like Mums in the City, ladies nights and big birthday and hen night celebrations.

She looks forward to many more next year. Next time you need someone to come along in a group settng and entertain men and women in a fun and relaxed way while giving them loads of helping hints on how best to dress, think of Trudi. Her main feedback from these sessions are people coming up to tell her they have been 'inspired'.

Stay colourful!





Added by Trudi on 03/11/2010

Trudi in the Dom Post - Saturday 2nd Oct 2010

Well the day has dawned bright and sunny and while I rub the sleep from my eyes I open the paper and.... there I am! Job section of the paper, couple of colour photos and a great, positive piece.

Really pleased with the article and hope it inspires people to embrace the colour, shape fit mantra and turn Wellington from the city of black clothing wearers, to people reflecting our vibrant, beautiful and colourful city.

Stay colourful!


Added by Trudi on 02/10/2010

Wardrobe Flair & Westfield Queensgate

Wardrobe Flair is yet again very excited to be working with Westfield Queensgate in Lower Hutt as stylists for their 'walk in wardrobe'. This is an opportunity for people to come along and meet Sarah and Trudi, get an idea of colours and shapes that suit them and check out some of the stunning styles currently in the shops that match this information.

We will see you at Queensgate on Thurs 14th, Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sunday 17th October. 

Tell your friends!!


Added by Trudi on 28/09/2010

Record hits on Wardrobe Flair Blog & Facebook


The above blog and Facebook accounts are in keeping with Wardrobe Flair's philosophy - to continue helping its clients after we have left the wardrobe or shops!

Our Facebook page has been a huge success with loads of hints and photos on what is in, what Trudi and Sarah see and where to get it!  http://www.facebook.com/WardrobeFlair

Also really popular is the Wardrobe Flair Blog - http://wardrobeflair.blogspot.com/ This gives really detailed advice. The latest being what Trudi did to Spring clean her wardrobe!

People are looking at ways of using what they have, so have opted in many instances to book a "Top-up" session with Trudi and Sarah. We can match together outfits you might never have thought of. Add accessories and colour to give any wardrobe a spring clean.

Give us a call or drop us a line on trudi@wardrobeflair.com

Stay colourful!


Added by Trudi on 16/09/2010

Auckland Gift Fair

I have just returned from the Auckland Gift Fair and it was a great event.

 I have ordered in some amazing accessories. Everything from brooches to rings, funky necklaces to gorgeous scarves. 

 Just in time for Christmas! Contact Trudi at trudi@wardrobeflair.com to book your pre-Xmas jewellery party and see the new range!

Lets make it a colourful Christmas.

Added by Trudi on 30/08/2010

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