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Marvellous Media


The Wardrobe Flair team has been really enjoying some fantastic media attention this year!

Trudi is about to go back on Good Morning TV on Monday 1st August, her 5th stint focusing on doing informative pieces aimed at helping the average women. Monday's session will be about the do's and don'ts of wearing and finding the perfect jeans for curvy girls. She really enjoys working with the lovely Sarah Bradley and this season will include using some fantastic models.

Trudi is also booked in August and September to go back on the Face Off panel with host extraordinaire Sean Plunket from Newstalk ZB. This one hour show focuses on current event topics that have happened during the week and while not strictly fashion oriented, Trudi does manage to somehow get some fashion advice inserted into the days news and current events. She really enjoys the banter and fun of live Radio.

Our Dominion Post article on Saturday June 18th was fabulous and generated lots of buzz and work! Thanks to the Dominion Post for their support and to that of the Good Morning and Radio Networks team. 

Added by Trudi on 30/07/2011

Wellington colour and style gurus - Wardrobe Flair- in print, radio and Good Morning TV

What a month for the Wardrobe Flair team of Trudi Bennett & Sarah Nichol! Trudi has been really enjoying her sessions giving helpful fashion and style advice on Good Morning TV with host Sarah Bradley. She is booked for her fourth appearance at the end of the month. She has also returned to do another Face Off panel hour on Talkback Radio with the wonderful Sean Plunket and guests.

In the up and coming weeks an article will come out in the Dominion Post and this week, Trudi and Sarah return for the third year as style and colour consultants for Westfield Queensgate as part of their "walk in wardrobe" promotion. On May 20th Trudi will also host a fundraiser presentation for the Brooklyn Playcentre entitled "What to wear with Wardrobe Flair". There are only a few tickets left so please do check out our Facebook page for details on how to get a ticket.

The biggest thanks go out to the continued support of all their wonderful clients who are enjoying incorporating helpful advice on Wardrobe Flair's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/WardrobeFlair

Stay colourful!

Added by Trudi on 15/05/2011

Trudi Bennett from Wardrobe Flair on Good Morning TV show

On Monday 14th March Trudi Bennett had her TV debut and did a segment with Sarah Bradley on Good Morning.

She talked about one of her favourite subjects - fashion, layering and how it works for everyone.

Wardrobe Flair hope to have the segment from the show online shortly.


Added by Trudi on 16/03/2011

Trudi Bennett on Talkback ZB, Face-off with Sean Plunket



What an exciting beginning to the year for Wellington’s favourite Style and Colour consultancy!

Trudi Bennett, one of Wardrobe Flair’s Style and Colour consultants was invited to join Sean Plunket, MP Peter Dunn and Political correspondent Felix Marlow on Newstalk ZBs Face-off panel on Friday 18th February 2011.

Trudi found Sean to be an excellent host and completely enjoyed her hour on the show.

Who knows, she might be on the radio waves again soon! Stay tuned.....


Added by Trudi on 22/02/2011

Wardrobe Flair in Wellington Dominion Post



Happy New Year everyone!

What a great start to the year Wardrobe Flair has had. The New Year has brought a flood of bookings for people wanting to make 2011 the year they find the right colours that suit them, what clothes suit their body shape and how to shop more effectively. Best of all they have decided to book the best Wellington style, colour and image consultants in Wellington. Hooray!

Trudi has also been featured in Wellington's Dominion Post in the executive career section. This new supplement has been produced to give advice to those in the corporate world. Trudi spoke at a lot of corporate workshops last year which she had excellent feedback from. She is keen to hear from people interested in developing their corporate look or that of their company, making sure everyone is representing themselves to the best of their ability.

Enjoy the remains of summer. Check out our Facebook page and if you join us with a 'LIKE" then you will get all the latest fashion advice and tips from not only us, but all of Wardrobe Flair's extensive client base. http://www.facebook.com/WardrobeFlair or if you want more detail, how about our blog www.wardrobeflair.blogspot.com


Either way, we are here to help you and always welcome any questions.


Stay colourful!



Added by Trudi on 08/02/2011

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