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Westfield Queensgate Walk in Wardrobe with Wardrobe Flair a HUGE success

Wow, what a wonderful week Sarah and I had last week at the Walk in Wardrobe.

So many lovely, positive happy people! We loved helping you all.

Kindly many people are sending in Thank you emails to the management and I wanted to share a couple with you:

 "I would like to say a BIG thank you to the person  who organised the Walk in Wardrobe in your Mall and especially the consultant at the Walk in Wardrobe who has given me such a lift. I feel like a million doallrs in the 3 items I went and purchased directly after being advised by her. She is worth her advise in gold and that is saying something from a nearly 65 year old with lots of purchases of clothing over the years. One happy girl today, wow I'm going to do a chuck out, which can only mean great things for the Mall retail stores. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for your session with my husband today. He went out all by himself and bought the blazer and shirt (from Barkers) yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes when I saw him all dressed up!!! Thanks again for your help at the mall with my family."

Thanks to everyone who supports us and to the wonderful Wellington people we get to meet. See you again soon!

Stay colourful!



Added by Trudi on 01/11/2011

Our 3rd year as Style Consultants for Westfield Queensgates Walk in Wardrobe

This week Sarah and I are thrilled to yet again be the fashion stylists for our great clients Westfield Queensgate.

This season is full of fantastic options for all colour, shapes and sizes. 

So head to Wellington's Westfield Queensgate and our mini-wardrobe which will be packed with all our favourites items from around the mall.

Hours are:

Thurs 10-2

Friday 10-2 - 6-8pm

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-5

See you there! 

Added by Trudi on 25/10/2011

TVNZ Trudi Bennett On Good Morning TV talking patterns

I really enjoyed talking to Sarah Bradley today about patterns. It is a subject close to my heart.

I believe patterns suit everyone and should be encouraged! Anyway can wear them and look fantastic. Check out the TVNZ Good Morning clip here.

Added by Trudi on 17/10/2011

Rocking the Radio and TV

What a great month September has been, in particular this week.

On Friday 30th September Trudi Bennett joined Sean Plunket as a panel guest for her 5th time on Face-Off in what was a fabulous fun session of debate with ACT MP Heather Roy and Greg O'Connor.

She will have the weekend off then see you all again, this time via TVNZ on the Good Morning show on Monday 3rd October to showcase the season trend of Maxi dresses. Who should and could wear them and how? Tune in!

Stay colourful!

Added by Trudi on 30/09/2011

Revamped Newsletter out in next two weeks!

How fantastic to have had such a huge response to our new revamped newsletter due out in the next couple of weeks.

We have waited until nearly all the Spring collections 2011 are in stores and what a wonderful riot of colour and pattern there is this season. It is very exciting.

So many people have signed up for our newsletter as they realise that for a small fee, that can gain a huge wealth of information on colours and shapes that suit them. This will make shopping during the next three seasons so much easier. Just think of the time you will save if you are able to head to the shops with half a dozen potentially fantastic items already on your list! What a success!

Those needing to sign up head to the newsletter section of this webpage

Enjoy colour, enjoy Spring and enjoy all the information from the best Colour and Style consultants in all of Wellington.

Added by Trudi on 31/08/2011

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