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Fabulous Fundraisers

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to do yet another fundraiser evening for the lovely ladies at the Brooklyn Playcentre.

With over 100 ladies in attendance it was an excellent night. Prizes, raffles and amazing home-baking galore. 

I love doing fundraisers in Wellington - or around the country. This is a subject most women are so keen to hear about and I make sure that with my lighthearted but logical approach to fashion, styling and dressing for your own colours and body shape, everyone leaves the evening having learnt something helpful. 

These fundraisers work really well for people who need an easy, entertaining function that will sell out and create a fun buzz within the school, kindergarten, playcentre or community group they are with.

Learn about the importance of colours for your skin tone, body shape information, how to shop effectively, accessories and the latest trends. Email trudi today to book your fundraiser on trudi@wardrobeflair.com or call her on 021 236 4738 / 04 9771247


Added by Trudi on 06/06/2013

Wellington fashion stylists Wardrobe Flair and the Walk in Wardrobe for Westfield Queensgate

Sarah Nichol and I have just completed our AW13 Style session for Westfield Queensgate in Lower Hutt, Wellington. This is our 5th year of running these style sessions and yet again we are happy to say we saw many people walk away feeling much more confident about making some clothing choices.

For many this session is learning a little more about what colours suit their skin type. Are you a warm or cool tone? Which palette is coming to compliment your features and help you to create a mix and match wardrobe?

For many women it is about a greater understanding of how to dress for their body shape? Which body shape are you? And what types of cuts in skirts, jackets, dresses and tops are going to suit your shape?

The combination of colours and shapes and having a visual of clothing that matches this and is available at that time around the mall provides many women with the helping hand they need with personal shopping. It is learning some tricks from Wellington's best personal stylists and having a personal shopper all in one!

Our next Style session in Wellington is in September, perfect for picking up some Spring clothing. Often a season many find challenging, why don't you come and see me (Trudi Bennett, Wellington's wardrobe flair stylist with 8 years experience) and the fabulous Sarah Nichol (Wellington's Wardrobe Flair stylist since 2008) We love helping people to feel the very best they can feel and help them spend money on clothing that is right for them. 

Added by Trudi on 27/05/2013

Wardrobe Flair and Wellington Fashion Week 13

Today is the start of Wellington Fashion Week 13 and both myself and the fabulous Sarah Nichol are involved this year.

We shall be attending a multitude of shows. Trudi will be attending most shows as a delegate as she is the fashion blogger for both Wotzon.com and MyMag.co.nz

It is wonderful to attend these shows to show our support to the wonderful, creative, fashion talent we have in NZ and in particular, Wellington. We are really looking forward to seeing Robyn Mathieson's show and deNada to name a few.

Hope to see you there! If you see us, come and say hi.

Added by Trudi on 03/04/2013

Wardrobe Flair work with prestigious Kirkcaldie and Stains doing Styling Sessions

Sarah and I are thrilled to begin a great partnership with Wellingtons most prestigious department store Kirkcaldie & Stains.

This weekend we shall be running 30 minute Style Sessions showing people all the wonderful new Autumn/Winter fashion. Not only is this about what is on trend, it is about which of these trends suit your body shape.

Wellington's Wardrobe Flair will incorporate their 7 years of styling advice and experience as Image, colour and fashion consultants to a floor of beautiful women's fashion and combine all these skills to show you what best suits you and why.

All appointments for these styling sessions were booked out less than 24 hours of being advertised, so watch this space in case we run any more. To those we plan on seeing this week, we look forward to helping you learn about clothing that will suit your body, budget and lifestyle.

Added by Trudi on 11/03/2013

Colour Express - the new, fast and effective way of getting your colours and style sorted

We are really excited to launch this new product from Wardrobe Flair - the very best Image, Colour and Style Consultants in Wellington.

Due to demand, we are now providing a 45 minutes service that can easily fit into your lunch time. It allows you to get your personal colours professionally done and a complete shape analysis. Because there is no point in just knowing your colours - due to then going out to purchase great colours but shapes that don't suit you - the combination of these two aspects of styling will have you saving time and money and looking the very best you can.

For $140, you can buy a huge dose of confidence in knowing what best suits you.

Call or email us today on 021 236 4738 or 977 1247 trudi@wardrobeflair.com

Stay colourful by knowing what colours will make you look younger and healthier and which shapes make your body look the very best it can.

Added by Trudi on 16/02/2013

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