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Trudi Bennett styles a photoshoot in NZ Woman's Weekly

When the New Zealand Woman's Weekly hit the stands on Monday it covered a real life story about 3 forensic scientists. Trudi Bennett from Wardrobe Flair had the pleasure of heading to the West Auckland photo shoot location and styling these lovely ladies for their story. Check out the photos below

Added by Trudi on 09/05/2016

Westfield Fashion Festival August 2015

Here we are, still in the middle of Westfield's Fashion Festival.

I've been working hard doing Style Lounges, Colour Days and Shopping Tours.


Added by Trudi on 18/08/2015

What to Wear with Wardrobe Flair Fashion Show

What fun August has been up here in Auckland.

I've have been working hard seeing private clients for personal styling services in Auckland, as has Sarah in our Wellington branch of Wardrobe Flair.

I also ran a fundraiser for my daughters school which raised over $6,000 and included runway models. I had two great mums from the school, a teacher and celebrity Shane Cortese as my 'dad model'. It was a great night!


Added by Trudi on 17/08/2015

Westfield Fashion Festival

March was a super busy month, especially with the Westfield Fashion Festival. Trudi was involved in Style Lounges, Colour Days, Shopping Tours, Personal & Group Styling Sessions. That's a LOT of outfits!

To learn more about styling and fashion or just pick up free tips and tricks to give you confidence with your personal styling in Auckland and Wellington, head on over to our Facebook page.

Do feel free to send any questions on our styling services or style advice to trudi@wardrobeflair.com

Stay colourful this Winter everyone!


Added by Trudi on 22/04/2015

Wardrobe Flair and Westfield celebrate their 6th year of working together

How wonderful to be working, in this our 6th year, with Westfield.

Both Sarah and I have really enjoyed working as Westfield Stylists. We began what was then called the Walk in Wardrobe and what is now termed the Style Lounge all those many years ago. Free colour, shape and styling advice to members of the public who were always grateful to know where to spend their precious clothing money and know it would suit their body, budget and lifestyle. All our mottos.

Westfield now has a full package of services that come under the Fashion Collective banner. No only is there the Style Lounge and Personal one-on-one Shopping in both Auckland and Wellington, but there are shopping tours, style workshops and a new package which is Colour Consultations.

This is my first year in Auckland and there are 6 Westfields here. Trudi's diary is bursting with Colour days, workshops, shopping tours and Style Lounge dates. Sarah continues doing a fantastic job being the Wellington Stylist for Westfield Queensgate.

We look forward to seeing you in Auckland or Wellington for all your personal styling needs. This is our 10th year in business so hip hip hooray to all our wonderful clients and supporters. We appreciate you allowing us to do the job we love.


Trudi & Sarah, personal stylists, Auckland & Wellington

Wardrobe Flair for the win!

Added by Trudi on 11/02/2015

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