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Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

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Only thin people look great in the latest fashion don't they?

Absolutely not. We truly believe that you can look fanastic no matter what size or shape you are. We balance out all areas of your body with the right shapes and wonderful colour makes you look younger and healthier. We can show you what current fashions suit your particular body shape, but always stick with what suits you, rather than what is currently 'in'.


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Do you work weekends and after hours?

Yes we do! Sarah and I both have young children but want to provide the very best service to our clients at times that are going to suit them.

So we have plenty of day-time options and we also cater for after hours with evening sessions for wardrobe consultations, plus late night shopping out at a Westfield mall and a couple of full day Saturdays each month.

Do you have many male clients?

Yes we do. Our business is built on logic and problem solving. Two aspects that suit our males client very well. Both men and women want the same things when it comes to clothes and shopping. To be able to make wise choices, to shop easily and to know what they have bought is right for them. 


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How do I buy a voucher for Wardrobe Flair services?

We have made this really easy. You email trudi on trudi@wardrobeflair.com and tell her what you would like to purchase. For instance a wardrobe consult and 2.5 hours of shopping, the name of the recipient, who the voucher is from and we are done!

We then send you our bank account details and the voucher via email, so the whole transaction is done very quickly and you have a great voucher to print off from your computer. To make it a little more special, print it off in colour and laminate it.

Most people let the recipient book their own times, but we can also book times during this initial process.

What happens at a Colour and Shape party?

A colour and shape party is great excuse to get a group of people together and have a really fun and hugely rewarding evening.

Parties range in size from the minimum of 4 people to up to 25 for a larger group. Everyone gets their colours done and it is super fun to watch everyone else and try and see if you can guess whether your friends and family members are warm or cool toned.

The consultant then runs through everybodies shapes and if time, can look at some pieces of clothing you may have bought along. These sessions cater for those who don't want the whole wardrobe clear-out but want to know what best suits them with their colours and shape. A fantastic, fun, exciting and memorable evening.

Book your Colour and Shape party today!

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