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Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

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Will you throw away all my clothes?

No. Our wardrobe process is about finding what colours suit you, the shape of clothing that best balances out your body shape and the fit of your clothes. Once we have all this information we can both assess your clothes and make decisions on what should go, hasn't been worn in ages or needs to be replaced at some stage. Once you understand the logic behind why you haven't worn a particuar piece, it becomes easier to part with.

I'm really nervous about the wardrobe session, is this normal?

Yes, completely. This is a personal service and many people feel nervous about what will be said or thought of about their clothing choices. Fear not! We do not come to judge you.  We understand its hard for people to make wise decisions without understanding their colours and shape.

Do I need to spend lots of money on replacement clothes?

Again. no. The shopping session is geared towards showing you the colours, shapes, flow of colour and layering technicques that are discussed at the wardrobe session.  It is an important part of understanding what is best for you. You need not buy anything. When shopping mainstream we hold all items we like and come back for them at the end of the shop. This way we can make excellent decisions on which pieces are best, enabling us to keep within your budget. Shopping at our favourite second-hand warehouse is also a fantasic option for those keen on getting a decent amount of quality clothes for a small price. Our consultants are very experiened in all aspects of shopping, be it mainstream, designer or second-hand.

Why are your Auckland and Wellington prices different?

The reason we have had to make our prices different for two different cities is the Auckland sprawl and traffic are quite different from compact little Wellington.

Our consultant in Wellington is able to get to your house fairly easily and be assured they won't be too stuck in traffic and have little or no parking restrictions. However, as Auckland is much bigger, spread and as such has a considerably larger population, the consultant's travel times and distances will be greater and longer, which has been reflected and built into the consutlation price.

In our defence, the Auckland prices are still one of the most reasonable, considering most Stylists charge individual prices for a Colour session, shape analysis and Wardrobe Audit. With our Colour, Style and Wardrobe package you get all 3 for the price of one!

Trudi Bennett looks forward to seeing you in Auckland and Sarah Nichol is excited to be helping new and our many existing clients in Wellington.

Why are your Auckland and Wellington prices different?

How many clothes do I need?

Most people only wear a third of the clothes in their wardrobe. Your lifestyle does dictate how many clothes you need, but often, having seen how well your colours mix and match, people are able to downsize their wardrobes. Each piece goes with half a dozen other pieces.

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