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Conference Speaking, Corporate Workshops, & What to Wear sessions

Get your message across with a fun and interactive presentation

Trudi tailors her workshops and presentations to suit your company or instituation. Whether it's a one-hour talk or 2 hour session including full colours. She can cover all manner of styling advice from the basic's in styling 101 to what is appropriate workwear for 'casual Friday'. These sessions are interaction and fun, while still proving good common-sense practical tips that everyone in the office or conference can understand, relate to and make changes with.

Call Trudi on 0212364738 or email her for details on all her different packages at trudi@wardrobeflair.com

Feedback from a Workshop with AIA Insurance

What did you like most about it?

  • It was a delightful, relaxing and entertaining break in a very busy day.  Trudi was also a very good speaker, very engaging.

Would you recommend it to other colleagues?

  •  Yes – because even if you go away with one ‘nugget’, it has been worthwhile.
  • Yes definately

What did you like most about it?

  • The informality of the presentation and the examples presented with real clothing items.
  •  I really enjoyed it, I thought she was a lovely speaker as well as funny.
  •  I thought it was really really good. I learnt a lot more than I expected. In fact I already text a friend who works in the music industry and struggles to find stuff to wear for all the functions etc.
  •   I found it very practical and down to earth (eg not all high end clothes or expensive solutions).
  •  She was engaging and fun to listen too  - a good presenter to appeal to a wide audience.

How useful was it for you?

  • Very, in a corporate world to learn that dress sense is changing and I like to hear about the latest trends!


Feedback from the Women in Business Forum

  • Fantastic! Will be looking to get Trudi to ‘re-do’ me.
  • Very interesting and had a few original ideas.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Trudi’s practical down to earth style. Good speaker. A good topic to have in the mix.
  • Trudi spoke so much sense! I look forward to a private session with her and a revamp of my wardrobe.
  • Awesome presenter.
  • Excellent presentation – really relevant.
  • Wonderful – great style
  • Given the time available, good introduction to what we need to change!!!
  • Articulate, relatable and relevant.
  • Interesting
  • Very helpful for work and how to dress to succeed and do the best you can. Awesome tips.
  • Great speaker. Interesting message.
  • Very good presentation. Would have liked to have heard more from Trudi.
  • Very good and inspiring.

Feedback from the NZ Law Society Conference

  • Interesting
  • Really useful – great presenter – great content
  • Worthwhile and a good way to wind up the conference
  • Fun presentation – great tips
  • Good advice
  • Very entertaining
  • A very entertaining way to finish the conference
  • Very cheerful and positive presenter
  • Great
  • Nice light finish – how you look  how you feel – very important!
  • Excellent presenter and helpful information
  • Lot of fun – at last some pazzazz!
  • Fun, practical, logical, useful, professional, tailored to everyone, friendly presenter
  • Very enjoyable
  • Plan to try her ideas
  • Very good – enjoyed it immensely
  • Much better than I expected – I wasn’t planning to stay but glad I did
  • Really up beat speaker
  • Lovely speaker – excellent – down-to-earth – practical – useful
  • Good fun – great way to finish the conference
  • Excellent – really helpful

Trudi has had many years of experience hosting and presenting tailored workshops, conferences and functions. Corporate clients include Air New Zealand, Westfield Queensgate, Kensington Swan, Gibson Sheat,  AAPNZ, NZDF, AJ Park, Kirkcaldie & Stains, The Wellington City Council, Arrow Uniforms, NZ Law Society, Obesity Surgery Wgtn, NZ Police, AIA Insurance, ANZ, Auckland University and various government departments to name a few.

These have included some of the following:

  • One hour workshops for government departments or corporates as part of a conference
  • A full fashion show with before and after models for a major fundraiser
  • Tailored colour and shape presentations for a social events with 50+ people
  • Group birthday party presentations where colours, shape and full workshop advice was given.
  • Consultancy services - Services have included help with fashion design, corporate uniforms & what to wear workshops

Trudi has a great energy as a speaker as she is passionate about her subject matter and how looking good corresponds directly with how confident people feel.  Any session with Trudi makes people - both men and women - think differently about colour and shapes and helps them realise small changes make a big difference.

Trudi's advice is practical and stems from many years of successfully dressing every type of body shape in every type of profession, from priests to rock band members, housewives to company owners and CEOs. The message is the same, no-matter what size you are and what you do, looking good makes you feel good. This added confidence has a wonderful knock-on effect within your life.For social or group gatherings where normally there may be an hour or so to spare, Trudi can come in and entertain and enlighten the group.

Corporates can benefit from Trudi's sessions by helping their employees understand concepts on first impressions and how important appropriate and well dressed people reflect themselves and the company better.

For social or group gatherings where normally there may be an hour or so to spare, Trudi can come in and entertain and enlighten the group. . Trudi is always open to discussion on content and different priced packages.


This option suits a small to medium sized group from 4 to 16 people. This is a 1.5 hr session. It covers all aspects of styling inluding colours, first impressions and shapes.


This option suits a medium to larger group 20 – 80 people. Its a fun, interactive and enlightening hour covering information that everyone will benefit from.


These are great for any type of fundraisers or events with large crowds of people and appeals to both men and women. The length of the show can vary, as can the numbers of people invovled. It may be a before and after show or completely tailored to your specific needs.

Trudi is always open to discussion on content and different priced packages.

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