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“Trudi does a wonderful job and makes it lots of fun

It has definitely helped my confidence and I feel happier going out wearing the right colours. I loved both the shopping and Trudi sorting out my wardrobe. She made fun and easy to throw away what I thought were my treasures and yet ended up being the wrong colour. It is so much nicer to look in my wardrobe and see things I like and to get rid of some of the really old clothes. I have had lots of compliments and I will definitely still be passing on Trudi’s name to others who may benefit from it.”

Brenda, part-time worker and mother of 2, Lower Hutt

“It’s much more fun having someone else to go shopping with

 to help choose styles, fabrics, etc, and saves making expensive mistakes. Having an honest second opinion gave me much more confidence in my purchases. I tried on far more things than I normally would, and didn’t get discouraged (as is often the case) when something wasn’t right for me. Having Trudi along really streamlined the process – she knew which shops to go to, which styles to try on and it was so helpful having someone make sure the sizing was right, the fit was right, and tearing around getting new things to try on if the current batch wasn’t working.”

Nicola, mother of 4, Ngaio

"Hi Trudi. Thank you so much for yesterday

I am still on a high!!! I was so excited last night that I spent about an hour recreating combinations in my wardrobe and then taking lots of photos. I can’t believe how many different combos I came up with and I feel like I have only just scraped the surface because that doesn’t include the new SaveMart clothes"


Happy male client

I am one of those males that really hates shopping. Trudi completly turned around my perspective on clothing. Now when I go to look at the shops with my wife, we both enjoy looking for clothing that truly suits us. When I went back to work and wore one the outfits Trudi helped me select, I got so many positive comments from my colleagues. They loved the rasberry jumper that Trudi recommended for me. The whole experience totally improved my belief in myself. Keep up the good work Trudi!


I wish I had done it years ago!

I loved the advice and have embraced the colour recommendations - I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends - it way exceeded my expectations! I wish I had done it years ago!


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