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"I found the wardrobe consultation particularly useful.

 Trudi was bright, energetic and straightforward. She was clear about why she did or didn’t think something was worth keeping and also helped with putting together new looks from existing clothes. I liked her pragmatic approach and the fact that she took budget and emotional attachments to clothes into account. Having a list to take shopping was really good."

Rachel, Recruitment Agent and mother of 2, Auckland

"I found Trudi's service very comprehensive.

The initial consultation was a great chance to reflect on what my wardrobe consisted of, did not have and how to improve it. Trudi’s advice on colours that best suited me was invaluable � as I really had no idea! When shopping, Trudi listened to what I wanted and had some great suggestions. Her relaxed attitude made the whole experience enjoyable and non-threatening, while still challenging some of my own preconceptions about cloths and colour. I also went into a number of shops I previously would not have considered."

Steve, Business owner, Hataitai

"Trudi was a lovely person to have in my home

 and made the whole experience non-threatening and pleasant. She wasn't critical or judgmental at all, but very encouraging and supportive. I have really increased the range of colours in my wardrobe, and thrown out a lot of clothes which I never wore, but which cluttered up my wardrobe".

Sue, Anglican Minister and mother, Lower Hutt

"I feel I can now quickly look at clothes and know whether the shape will suit me.

I've got a much bigger range of colours in my wardrobe thanks to the shopping trip. I’ve had positive comments on the new colours when I wear them to work. I was a bit nervous before the consultation but the results were superb, well worth it."

‘It’s great having my wardrobe trimmed down to only the things that I wear so that it's easy to know I'll always have the right things to wear. I'm more aware of sticking with tones rather than having contrasting top and bottom. Also, a shift in focus from black to brown means when I'm shopping I'm not tempted to 'resort' to black because I can't find anything else. The real value for me was in getting the list of what to buy. Armed with that I'm confident to shop on my own.’

Nicola, part-time worker and mother, Ngaio

It will be great to now have the confidence to buy and wear clothes that aren’t black.

 I’ve only just gone shopping with Sarah so I hope that when I next go shopping, I’ll be able to walk into a shop and not be completely disorientated about what I should be looking at. To sum it all up, it was a really good experience for me and money very well spent.

Jo, Johnsonville

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