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Sarah was great. Being a mum herself she helped me find the perfect clothes

 especially for those ‘tidy Mummy days’. The shopping trip was terrific, but quite exhausting. I could never have achieved what we did in 2.5hours, even if I had spent all week out at Queensgate. It was great to turn up to kindy the other day when one of the other mothers said that I was looking styley! I must now be doing something right. I realised I had been wearing clothes that were too big for me and getting rid of all those clothes that you keep because ‘one day you might wear it again’. I now have greater colour variety in my wardrobe. I think you tend to stick to a few colours you like so this experience was great in that it challenged you to step out of your comfort zone (or what you were use to).

Paula, Wellington

"I had such a great time.

Trudi made it all so easy and enjoyable. I felt like a super star! I was in a style rut and feeling very uninspired about the way I looked. Trudi made fashion fun again! Like everyone else in the Wellington public sector � I had far too much black in my wardrobe. I always thought I should be more colourful but I didn’t have the confidence to buy outside of black. Trudi helped me figure out what colours suit me. I’ve stuck to them ever since and now get lots of compliments on the colours I wear!"

CJ,Web designer, Aro Valley

"Trudi gives a wonderful service.

The biggest benefit to me was how it has given me new ways to use my existing wardrobe and the confidence to do it. It has also changed the way I look at matching colours, in particular the use of black."

Mary, Nurse, Wadestown

Sarah had a great eye for spotting what would suit you as soon as you crossed the shops door

It saved a lot of time having someone else choose and bring to the changing room suitable items to try on. I feel brave enough to walk into shops that I would have scurried past before. Being confident to browse the clothes and quickly dismiss what will not suit because of colour and style

Jacqui, Churton Park

"Prior to my consultation I had fallen into a rut where all the clothes I bought were black, grey or white,

 as these seemed like safe choices. Now my wardrobe actually has colour in it and I never wear anything black! I never wore skirts prior to my consultation with Trudi as I didn’t think they suited me. Now I know that I just have to find the right style. These days I wear skirts quite often, and feel great in them. The whole experience was eye-opening! Sounds crazy, but I had no idea my wardrobe was so drab. Both the wardrobe consultation and the shopping were fun. I usually find clothes shopping stressful, so it was nice not to have to think and have someone else do all the hard work."

Tessa,Part-time worker and mum of 3, Khandallah

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