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"I think Trudy is intelligent and came across as a warm, open person.

She has excellent advice, considers her client's needs well and is a delight to be with. Her manner allows you to test and trust her judgment. Overall a positive experience and I will recommend her to others."

Linda, Teacher, Lower Hutt

I found I was sticking to the blacks and browns

 and was reluctant to wear anything that was patterned or of a brighter colour. I found Sarah’s advice excellent. She showed me, by using the colour swatches, what suited me, and then, when looking at my wardrobe, what suited and why, plus what didn’t, and why. She also introduced me to a range of clothing, in price and style that suited, but left it to me to make the final decision. I found the actual shopping experience a real eye-opener, as what I may have overlooked in some shops were actually a great style for me.

Rosalie, Upper Hutt

"Trudi has given me confidence to bypass the black racks and investigate the great colours that I can wear.

I now have a wardrobe of colour with half the amount of clothes, as I can mix and match with half the cost. Before seeing Trudi I absolutely would not wear coral then purchased an adorable top and now have people commenting how well I look and how much weight I have lost and I can truthfully say I have not lost weight at all. It has to be the style and colours I'm wearing. Thank you so much Trudi for getting me out of the terrible rut I was in with clothing, I am truly enjoying the shopping a lot more and saving all that time and money."

Nolene, Office worker, Whitby

"Its great knowing that what I am wearing looks right to others.

I know that others opinion of you is at least in part based on how you look. First impressions count etc It was a very relaxing experience and nice to know that at the end I would have some personal practical advice that would work for me. I haven’t been out shopping since the consultations, but when I do I will note all the comments Trudi made."

Chris, Scientist, Karori

"This has been an empowering experience for me.

I am in the process of losing weight and having a consultation with Trudi has made me realise that just because I am bigger I don't need to hide in my clothes and that fitted clothes can look good on me. I have become more self confident about clothes and how I look by applying the rules that Trudi has given me. I loved both the wardrobe consultation and shopping with Trudi. She was honest and informative on colours and styles that suit me. One highlight was coming away with a pair of jeans. I have not worn since I was a teenager and didn't think that short, big women could wear. Overall she has helped me regain some self confidence in this area and I was astounded at what she found that suited me!!"

Janine, Teacher, Newlands

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